Wednesday, October 29, 2008 by Rebecca

Running & KB Stuff

Warmup: Mobility Exercises, 10 Rock'n Rolls, 10 KB swings, 5 pullup attempts, 10 KB Front squats 12kg

For time:

Three Rounds

Run 800 Meters
21 Jump Squats
15 Kettlebell Swings 1.5 P/1P
9 Front Squats 1.5 P/1P
6 Kettlebell Push-Ups *subbed normal pushups



Well - except for the normal pushups instead of diamond or KB pushups, this was very nearly Rx ... though perhaps walking instead of running most of the last 800m would keep it from being technically rx, too (I had a disagreement with my digestive tract which caused a side-stich like cramp which just would not go away).

Still - I'm excited that I managed to use the Rx weight. About half way through my first round of swings, i thought I might have over estimated my capacity for swinging the 1 pood kb, but ultimately, I am glad I struggled through with the heavier weight. I believe this is the first time there's been a WOD with weight, where I've been able to do all the weight as Rx. That's satisfying.

Jump squats are definitely going on the goat list. I just don't have the elasticity in my muscles that it requires. Pretty much anything that involves jumping - jump rope, box jumps, jumping squats - it all sucks. I don't know whether it's a strength thing or a coordination thing or some combination of the two (it probably is), but when i land from a jump, my legs just don't absorb the shock, and it feels like I hit the ground hard/stiff jointed. It's hard on my knees. This was true to some extent with running too, but it's less true now than it used to be, so I am sure that I can learn to be bouncier ... but I am not particularly bouncy now. I really envy folks who look like their muscles are made out of springs when they jump - like it's a 100% natural thing for them to do.

My swings were ok, my front squats were actually really good, and my pushups were fine ... I tried a couple 'diamond' pushups before the workout - with my hands centered beneath me, and could only get about 2/3 of the way down before my arms gave out altogether. there's a muscle in my triceps area - maybe it's my triceps :-p - that hasn't developed enough strength to get me down there yet. I wonder if working on these pushups would help my pull ups and/or dips.

The runs were - bleah. The first one was actually among my better times for the 800 @ BIW. The second and third should just be forgotten. At least I was able to pick up the pace of the other exercises in round 3 since i wasn't winded from running.

I find that I can start pretty strongly, but that my 'action potential' peters out rather quickly. Less quickly than it used to for sure, but I still lack endurance. Particularly where running and longer metcons are concerned. ... One more thing to work on ... does the list ever get shorter? or will i just keep adding to it forever?


Evelyn Rodas said...

I'm not sure but I think side-stiches w/ cardio stuff are often from mild spasms of your diaphram. I used to get this A LOT as a little kid, pretty much any time I ran, which for a little rambuctious kid is as often as possible.

Evelyn Rodas said...

Rebecca said...

Thank you much for the link :)

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