Monday, October 27, 2008 by Daniel

Just a little climbing

Couldn't bring myself to do any HIIT burpees this morning, so my only exertion today took the form of some fairly lame climbing with Rebecca tonight - my forearms are still feeling tired from the week o'pullups, so it was not my best showing...

10a(o), 10b(f+), 10c(dnf), 10b(o)

OK. The HARDEST FUCKING "10B" I've ever climbed. *cough*Jim!*cough*. If it wasn't upside down under a roof, it was negative without a rest on a line so far off plumb that you basically couldn't rest. I'm not saying it was bad - it wasn't! it's a good climb - I'd just call it a 10d.

I'll try the C again when I'm fresher - it was that hard section of the back corner where I ALWAYS fall, and required just a little more finger strength campusing than I could give it.

The last 10b was a beautiful, fun climb - nothing but big meaty bites of book stemming. Not too hard, but still some really satisfying moves. My only complaint would be that it's too short.

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