Monday, October 27, 2008 by Rebecca

Climbing 10/27/08

5.9(c) 5.9(f+) 5.10a(c) 5.9(f++)

This was a good climbing day - I tried to work on harder climbs than last week - which is why I fell more.

I was focusing on a couple techniques - using my legs instead of my arms more to pull me towards holds, and making dynamic powerful quicker moves instead of slower strengthier ones. The trick with the dynamic moves is trusting my feet to stay where I put them, and that's hard.

I was pretty thrilled to get up that 10a clean - and it was largely due to consciously working at standing up and grabbing for that next hold.

The last 5.9 had a lot of negative incline, and a ginormous overhang, and i basically just fell my way up it, but I didn't ratchet my way up (except maybe a little on the overhang) - i did finally make it. It's not on a wall that I get along with well.

Still, overall, a good night.

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