Wednesday, September 3, 2008 by Daniel

Welcome back, take two

Last week's reintroduction to CF after vacation didn't go so well, as the combination of a crippling Murph and a road trip to Portland prevented any further workouts that week. Hopefully this week will be a smoother re-entry.

*16 hour fast*

Morning workout:

50 burpees for time
(done in quick sets of 10)


Evening workout:

10 Rounds For Time:
10 Kettlebell Swings 55#/35#
10 Burpees

24:52 RX

Needless to say, I was not enthralled with the idea of another hundred burpees. But after some thought, I resolved to do the damn workout, and count them as tomorrow's burpees. Screw the rules! Now I get a day with no burpees, which has me thrilled.

I'm not gonna lie: this WOD was very hard. Hard enough that I was seriously considering not finishing it when, in round 7, folks started calling time. It could be any number of things, or a combination of all of them: very low carbs the past few days (and essentially none today, as I was saving them for my burrito dinner)... out of the habit with all the travelling lately... too many fucking burpees. Or it could just be that I still really suck at burpees, I just suck a little less than I used to.

Afterwards, we messed around with weighted pullups and I figured out my 1RM: 45#. That will come in handy for my next 5x5 cycle, which I intend to include weighted pullups in.


Evelyn Rodas said...

Nice weighted pullup! I agree w/ the burpees. It's getting ridiculous. This may or may not make you feel better:

burpee + clean and jerk


Daniel said...

holy crap, what do you even call that? Burpee Jerkies?

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