Wednesday, September 3, 2008 by Rebecca

9-3-08 WOD

Warm up: Burgener's warm up, KB snatch practice

10 Rounds For Time

10 Kettlebell Swings 55#/35#
10 Burpees

75% 23:59 (7.5 rounds)

1:42 (both? slight watch malfunction somehow)
0:42.5 - 1:41.5
0:56.6 - 1:55.4
1:10.4 - 2:01.8
1:15.6 - 2:26.8
1:43.3 - 2:22.1
1:33.5 - 2:30.7
1:01.5 - 0:54.8

I'm actually really pleased with how this workout went. It was hard, and I was sucking wind pretty much from the first round, but I worked hard on trying to keep my pace even and consistent - not even across rounds - clearly everything got slower as I went - but I was just trying to keep moving and keep rest periods to a minimum, and I think, for the most part, I succeeded at that - or at least i did better than i have done previously.

But the biggest thing that makes me happy is that every one of the burpees was full ROM (maybe not a super exuberant jump at the end) - but a full jump back, a full jump forward, and no knees to get up from the pushup position for any of them.

The main reason I decided to scale this back to 75% are that - aside from the Murph I did last week(which pretty much wrecked me), I basically have not done any serious exercise since mid-August, and I wanted to try to ease my way back into it a bit, instead of trying to jump in with both feet and being ridiculously sore for the next few days. I certainly got a whole lotta 'work-out' done, and I definitely don't feel like I didn't get enough.

After the wod, everyone (who had at least one deadhang pullup) was trying weighted pull-ups - from the National WOD a few days ago. Max assisted me to the top of the pull-up position so that I could work on my negatives. Based on how I did with that, he said he thought I might be pretty close to being able to do a kipping pull up - or two. So I tried it. I didn't quite get it, but I got close. Just another couple inches, and I should have it. I need to GTG on them more. The process concerns me a little bit just cause I've read a lot of accounts of people getting shoulder injuries from trying to learn how to kip. But I think if I work on the negatives, and get good at controlling my descent instead of just dropping, I'll have a better chance of not injuring myself.

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