Tuesday, September 2, 2008 by Rebecca

Fitness Status Report

Ugh. I am really ready for the summer travels to be over and to get back to a regular schedule of working out, and a cleaner diet. I can definitely feel the effects of 'dirty' diet. Reduced energy, more weight :-p

Turns out the tight muscle on my right side that I thought was my hamstring is actually my hip. It was pretty tight before I left for Florida, and instead of getting better with a week of nothing (except burpees) it actually got worse. It loosens up with exercise, but as soon as I spend any time siting down, it tightens right back up. The only exercise I've done that it bothered my WHILE exercising (after loosening up) is running.

The drive up to Portland was made even less comfortable by my aching hip. Every time I got out of the car I had to limp around until it loosened up.

I've asked my friend Jeremy - who is an EXCELLENT body worker to take a stab at making it loosen up. Pretty sure that will happen Sunday.

In other news, I have also decided to drop out of the burpee challenge. :(

I was so sore after Murph that I couldn't do burpees for two days (46 & 47) I tried to pick them back up while I was in Portland and I got day 48 done+ 10 'make-up' burpees and then on day 49 I only got 35 done. We went to a (SUPER FUN) square dance on day 49, but that was also really hard on my hips, and arms - which in reality were still not quite fully recovered from Murph, and day 50 - our 13 hour drive back from Portland - burpees just were not going to happen. I had really hoped to make it at least to day 50, but as of yesterday, I was 147 burpees behind, and I'm pretty sure they're aggravating my hip issue, so ... between the devastation that was muph and the full weekend of long traveling, I lost my rhythm, and think it's probably just best to let them go. I got an awful lot out of it.

Looking forward I am excited to work on getting healthy(er) with a combination of body work, better diet, and some focused training with Max to work on trying to iron our my particular proprioception issues so that I can work out and get stronger without injuring myself.

Here comes year # 32. Bring it on.

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Evelyn Rodas said...

OMG, your friend Jeremy is in SOMA. I could pop down there on my lunch break! I'm so overdue for a massage. I had one when I went to Harbin about a month ago but it barely scratched the surface, despite the guy working very hard :) I know what you mean about the road trips and adding to your aches. I don't think it's good to sit for long periods of time.

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