Wednesday, September 3, 2008 by Daniel

Day one of IF

Yesterday was Day 1 of IF, and it wasn't too bad. Here are the numbers:

*16.5 hour fast*
Calories: 2,221
Fat: 114g (45%)
Carbs: 126g + 27g Fiber (24%)
Protein: 165g (31%)

The majority of the carbs came from three sources: an apple, a banana and 16 oz of milk. It adds up quickly! I'll cut back to just one piece of fruit a day, which should help. But I'm pretty happy with this. I had to tack some cottage cheese on at the end to meet protein goals, which will probably happen a lot - it's hard to do without protein shakes or bars.

I'm not going to do this every day, but I just wanted to record day 1.

Edited to respond to Evelyn, 'cause her questions are good:

The fasting itself wasn't especially tough. I didn't get uncomfortably hungry until the last hour or so. In fact, it was a lot worse a few hours into my eating window, since I didn't bring sufficient food to work with me and the only no-carb option I could find to buy near work was a salad, so my body was getting teasing glimpses of food but no satisfaction. When I got home I made a scramble with eggs, cheese and veggie sausage, and my body was very grateful.

I will be working out in a fasted state - sometimes. It obviously won't work for evening classes, but I climb in the mornings twice a week and will be doing burpees/rowing in the mornings. I did 50 burpees for time yesterday and today, and it's hard but not, I would say, any harder than doing it normally. I will primarily be doing Sprint-8 or Tabata-type workouts while fasted to try and activate the body fat for fuel.

Today is day 2, and so far it feels much the same as yesterday. I'm planning on eating normally tomorrow, and then fasting again on Friday and Saturday, doing Saturday's CF class in a fasted state. We'll see how that goes.


Evelyn Rodas said...

Wow! How did you feel? I would love to hear about your experience with this; how it helped, how it didn't, etc. Also, will you be working out while you do the IF?

Daniel said...

Posted my response in the main thread, since your questions seemed like a good elaboration.

Rebecca said...

Fasting on Saturday? :-< ... :-P

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