Monday, September 8, 2008 by Daniel

Rough one

End of the workout week is always tough. The body is battered from the week's work and everything's just a little bit harder. Today is no exception, it seems, although I felt pretty well recovered this morning with just a few minor aches, compared to the chorus of muscular complaints that sang me to sleep. One of the many purported benefits of IF is increased recovery time, since during the fasting hours the body doesn't have to spend energy on digesting and processing food, and can therefore devote more of itself to repair. I wonder if that's happening for me? I read a very interesting series of articles last night about the physiology of IF, so am more committed than ever to trying to make this work even after I'm done shedding fat. Anyway, on to today:

*16 hour fast*
Climbing with Tor: 9, 10b, 10c - all slab, all clean and well-climbed with minimal finger pain
57 burpees, sprint-style
15 minutes easy rowing, 15 minute uphill bike ride to work

These shoes gave me blisters when I ran in them Friday, so I resolved to try rowing today. It was SO boring it was driving me insane, and I started feeling a little nauseated at 15 minutes so resolved to call it a day. Perhaps Muse was the wrong iPod choice. The treadmill, while boring, at least has a view, and it forces your pace for you so you don't need to constantly remind yourself to work a little harder. So I think I'm going to try and find some other shoes to wear.

Rest until Wednesday, now, so my body can (hopefully) catch up a bit on its repair-work.

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