Saturday, September 6, 2008 by Rebecca

Push Presses - not so great, actually

Warmup: Run 800m (5:16), 17 burpees, tabata pushups (4), burgener warmup w/dowel, 30 OHS, 20 push press. 10 weighted push press 30#

The tabata pushups were SUCH a joke. Round one I got 9 full ROM (after a false start where I got 4 or 5 done) and I thought i was taking it slow ... Round two - 2 full ROM 4 with knees. By the end I was struggling just to get 4 using my knees.


Today's workout was Push Presses - just like yesterday was dead lifts. Unfortunately, it did not go as well as yesterday's exercise. My shoulders are on strike, or something. Even just the empty oly bar felt a whole lot heavier today than it did the last time I did this.

However, I apparently misremembered - I thought I had push pressed 60# before, but 50# is the most I've ever done. So at least I didn't backslide like i did on the bench press.

After the workout some folks did 50 wall balls for time. I tried a few just to see whether I could do them, and had a really hard time with them. I took the ball inside and did pretty well - i think the marks inside might be a little lower. Mostly what I need to do is just practice the movement of throwing and catching it without worrying about the height. I suspect that will come easier once the form is dialed.

Still, I am glad I was out there and for all the performance issues, I still feel like I had a good workout.

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Evelyn Rodas said...

I would take into account any other arm exercises, especially ones that use the deltoids a lot, you've been doing. The body is smart and goes on strike for damn good reasons. You may be surprised than when your shoulders are back to normal you can push press more!

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