Wednesday, September 24, 2008 by Rebecca

no. more. FGB. ugh.

Warmup: Mobility Exercises, some attempts at a pullup, some pushups, some situps, etc.

Choose ONE of the following exercises and perform 150 reps for time:
Row (one calorie = one rep)
Wall-Ball 20#/14# (AKA "Karen")
Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75#/55#
Box Jump 20"
Push-Press 75#/55#
I didn't know what to choose. Rowing is the easiest. I was tempted to choose this. I suck at push-press - 150 would have taken me all frickin day and left me tired for days. I thought I might be able to successfully jump up onto the 24" box using the wall like i did for murph gone bad on the 10" box. I tried it a couple times before the workout started. It was hard but doable. I decided to make this my exercise to see if i could move this one step closer to doing FGB as Rx.

On my 10th jump I didn't quite make it all the way on to the box, and garnered my first real CF war wound:

Interestingly, the skin never broke. It's a bruise that's as close to a gash as you can get without actually bleeding. Damn box jumps and damn balance issues.

So - since i was a whole 9 reps into the 150 rep workout - i decided that I'd just start over and switch to rowing after all - it'd keep me off my feet.

I rowed 151 calories in 12:28. My speed was realy consistent - i was at 50 calories at about the 4:00 mark and 100 calories at about the 8 minute mark. I rowed a total of 2649 meters, with a average of 2:21/500m.

James rowed his 150 calories in just about11 minutes and rowed a bit more than 2400 meters. Considering that James is much fitter and stronger than I am, I'm pretty psyched that i came in only about 1:00 longer than his time.

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Melissa Byers said...

Hi Daniel and Rebecca! I love the Karen-Gone-Bad... I'll have to choose the PP because that's my biggest Goat. And nice shin - I've had one of those, falling off a box ain't fun. Unfortunately, I've had to move my blog to "private" for personal reasons, but I'll keep tabs on you guys for sure! Take care.

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