Thursday, August 7, 2008 by Daniel


25 burpees in sets of 5 throughout the day, finishing up in my warmup. Shoulder is feeling better.

Back Squat: 135
Bench: 130

We had so much fun with the camera in the mountains with the burpees we thought we'd bring them to the gym to check our form.

The squats are still feeling pretty fine - I think it'll be a while before I start failing on these, if I even get to that in this cycle. Looking at the video, I'm pretty happy with my form. I'm pitching forward a little bit at the bottom, that could improve, and sometimes I straighten my legs ahead of my back, causing me to do a bit of a Good Morning to finish up, which isn't good. But overall, I think it's looking like it feels - pretty solid. We'll see what the digital coaches at the CF forums think.

I'm really happy with the bench. I failed at this weight two weeks ago in two sets, but had no such difficulty tonight. The last rep of the last set was a push, but otherwise it felt quite straightforward. Yay progress!

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