Thursday, August 7, 2008 by Rebecca

5 x5 and a little climbing

Warmup - mobility exercises, 20 incline situps, 5 burpees (did 20 earlier), 25 air squats

Back squat x 5
45 - 50 - 60(f) - 60(pr) - 60

Bench Press x 5
45 - 50 - 55(pr) - 55 - 55

5.7(c) - 5.9(r)
My back squats felt a little unsteady. More and more I am coming to the conclusion that I just can't progress on these lifts until I really dial in my squat form. We brought our camera to tape these today. It's really clear that my right side just isn't supporting its share of the weight, and so i do a funny sort of twist to the left to get back up. Not pretty. Looks like I am going to have to dial down the weight on these, too, and just focus on form for a while. I want to lift heavier things darn it! ... but i know heavier things will only get lifted without injury! once i get my form(squat strength) dialed in. Sigh.

The bench press actually went REALLY well today. WhenI tried 55# 2 weeks ago I didn't manage a single full set of 5 reps. This week they were practically easy! My warm up set with the empty bar actually felt like a warmup set instead of a work set. That was really exciting.

Now if i can only get my lower body on the same strength gaining bandwagon my upper body seems to be on I'll be several steps closer to doing WOD's Rx. THAT'd be nice.

Climbing. Not sure it was my brightest idea ever, but it felt like it had been a long while since I had been on the wall, so I asked Daniel to belay me for a couple climbs at the end of the evening.

My plan was just to do a couple easy climbs and focus on technique - but BIW is rather SHORT on easy climbs these days. I climbed a relatively easy and straight forward 5.7 on the backwall (one of maybe 2 5.7 in the whole gym >:-p ) It has a part where you have to climb up on a ledge and then continue on a wall above you which was the only kind of tricky area.

There was a nice, slabby 5.9 near the 5.7 that I wanted to do - but it was taken by the time i finished the 5.7, so ... the next climb was a 'relatively' friendly looking 5.9(marked in blue tape) - i say relatively because it had one sustained area of negative incline - which is not so nice on tired arms and hands. It was actually quite a neat, technical, climb with lots of balance shifting required to move from one hold to the next. Unfortunately, my hands and arms were not up to the challenge of keeping me (with my less than perfect form) on the wall all the way up without a rest (or two). But I did make it to the top, and will look forward to trying that climb again sometime in the hopefully not too distant future.

Daniel pointed out that the few times i had to rest I was not doing a good job of swiveling my hips to keep them over my feet, which is why my arms got tired. In slab climbing this means keeping your hips out away from the wall, which I'm fairly good at, but with negative incline it means keeping your hips as close to the wall as possible, which I am less good at. I think if I just think of it in terms keeping my hips over my feet, instead of out or in, I might do a little better in general.

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