Monday, August 4, 2008 by Rebecca

5x5 - Monday version

Warm Up: Mobility exercises, 6 burpees, 30 situps, 8 bench dips

Deadlifts x 5

Push-Press x 5

Cool Down - 6 burpees, box jumps(actual jumps!), knees to chest practice, OHS & snatch practice with a PVC dowel

I was in a FOUL mood before coming to the gym today. I didn't even get to my desk at work this morning before people were demanding things from me, I spent the entire afternoon in useless meetings, and i was truly regretting that I had come back from camping at all.

Fortunately, Daniel's climbing partner couldn't meet him this morning, so we had agreed to meet at the gym this evening, and as much as i really didn't want to be there when I started, I was super glad I did it after.

I'm not sure whether to count the deadlifts as a PR - I've lifted 105 before - but only in single reps - not 3 sets of 5. My form is ... OK. My right knee has a strong desire to go say hi to my left knee instead of staying put which is definitely something i need to work on. As much as I want to push for the heavier weight, thinking about it now, I should probably move down to a lower weight to concentrate on keeping that knee strong for a bit. ... Sigh ...

I couldn't press the empty oly bar, so i decided to make my second exercise the push-press. Again, my form is ... ok. I have a tendency to land primarily on my left foot and not equally on both feet. Years of compensating that must be unlearned. Between sets I try doing little hops and concentrate on just landing on both feet. It feels like i am landing lopsided ... but the mirror in front of the rack tells the truth. My 4th and 5th sets were better. I'll definitely be able to go up to 50# next time.

In between sets I decided to work on some of the other stuff that's been on the back burner. I noticed today that one of the Level 1 requirements is 10 knees to chest. I nearly knocked this one out, but my last 2-3 reps were not quite full ROM so I don't think it counts yet.

More exciting, though, was that I jumped onto a box for the first time today. Up until now I was too scared to jump - I only stepped up whenever they showed up in WOD's. Part of the problem is that the boxes we use in class have sort of a small landing platform. But down in the lifting area there was an old step class step - only 6-8 inches or so - but with a wide enough platform that i felt relatively safe jumping up onto it. I got really comfortable with that, and moved on to a large sturdy stool that had a well tractioned surface that was about 2 feet square, and is about 12" high. I made Daniel hold my hand the first time i did it (I don't know what it is about that simple contact but even if i don't take any actual assistance sometimes that's all that's necessary to make the insurmountable easy). After the first jump, I did it several times on my own. I did discover that sometimes my feet land rather far apart, so I think I'd still be pretty nervous to jump onto something with a smaller surface. But I jumped and made it! A lot! (ok not every time, but most!)

The drastic improvement in my mood between pre and post workout made it really clear to me why Crossfit, and fitness in general have become such an important part of my life. It frequently gets me to leave work, and it lets me leave the insanity of work at work, so I can enjoy the rest of my evening. It also gives me something that I have complete control over and where I can see (and influence) direct improvements and results. I can think of much worse methods of escapism.

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