Monday, July 21, 2008 by Daniel

Weak Sauce

Tor was late to the gym this morning, so I noodled around on the rings a bit.

15 KTE's for my Level 2
Max pullup test: 11 (ugh! I thought I had more than that.)

10a/b, 10d(dnc), 10c(dnc), 10b(f+)

So...yeah. Not a good climbing day. Dunno if it was the ring stuff or coming off a weekend with far too little protein and a huge LSD ride or what, but I just felt really weak on the wall today. That 10d is the newest on back by the lead cave and it has a crazy long roof that I got past, only to wimp out on the next move which required a really high step on a pair of very sketchy holds. Tor did it and found the whole climb to be extremely sketchy. Since the line for the first half is VERY far off plumb, I'm not sure I'll ever get the guts to really tackle this one, as I hate big pendulum swings.

Deadlift: 215
Shoulder Press: 87!

The DL's felt REALLY heavy for the first couple sets, in an "uh-oh" kind of way, but they got more solid as they went on. After Thursday's failures with the shoulder press, I was pleased to complete it at 87. So I'll try 90 again next week and see how that goes.

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Maximus Lewin said...

"The cost of extended Long Slow Distance Training is decreased strength, speed and power - in CrossFit we call this state spun down"

- Coach G.

Don't worry it will come right back.

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