Monday, June 30, 2008 by Rebecca

Mini WarmupOD

Came home from work a bit early and was feeling a little antsy, so I decided to do a short run and work on some planks.

My run was 5:15.

We mapped out a .5 mile route around 2 blocks just out our door, but it's not flat; while not steep, it's got a noticeable up and a noticeable down, and I am sure that - even though it evens out with as much up as down - it affects my time somewhat. I thought i was running better than that, but I did start out a bit slow.

Then I did some 30 second planks. This was made a little tricky because Oscar (one of my cats) decided that since I was on the floor it MUST be kitty play time.

30 Sec. regular plank
30 Sec. left plank
30 sec. right plank
30 sec rest
30 sec plank right foot off the ground
30 sec plank left foot off the ground

Tried a few knees to elbows too - but didn't get any results worth mentioning.

The most exciting thing is the full 30 second right plank. I used to have to do right planks on my elbow instead of with a fully extended arm.

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