Thursday, June 19, 2008 by Rebecca


So we did actually manage to get a very little climbing in this afternoon before our trip to the theatre. It was cut even shorter by the fact that I was late getting out of work. Sorry honey :(

I climbed:
a 5.9 - clean but not graceful - I started out really well, but struggled with the finish. I climbed this same route Sunday morning and although did a much better job with it then. I think the top has just a little bit of negative incline and my shoulders are sore from yesterday's presses. Probably wasn't the best climb to start with.

a 5.7 clean and graceful, too easy.

a 5.10a not clean, not graceful, downright sloppy in fact, but I made it to the top ... with only a couple instances of 'ratcheting' (a minor form of cheating :o ). Overhangs are still not my friends, although I can tell that there are definite improvements in my overall strength, and they shouldn't pose such an insurmountable obstacle for very much longer. I'd like to try this again with fresher, happier shoulders.

For those who are not familiar with climbing, 'ratcheting' requires assistance from your belay partner who will tighten and lock off the rope for every inch of height you gain - whether or not you are steady on the hold, thus allowing you to inch your way up to the next hold. (Thanks honey!)

Daniel only climbed 1 climb, i think, and that was all we had time for. He let me climb more since he's meeting a friend to go climbing in the morning.

We went to Thai E Sun on Shattuck for dinner - couple quick notes: service was FAST food was quite tasty - though the peanut sauce Daniel got had too much sugar - and they had a ginormous goldfish in this small little fish tank that made me sad. Pretty sure it was longer than the tank was wide.

The play was good, not great.

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