Tuesday, May 4, 2010 by Rebecca

2010-05-04 - It's Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you. Ha Ha ha!! Such a bad pun. But it makes me giggle.

Today was a rest/skills day. Daniel came up with a 'fun' little workout for me when i told him i wanted to work on my squat form.

3 Rounds:
30 Second OHS hold with a dowel
3 Front Squats (53#)
3 Right legged Pistols (to a stack of 2 55#, 1 45# & 1 25# bumpers)
Rest 3 min.

It was just about the right amount of volume. The pistols were definitely hte hardest - i probably should have used 2 45# bumpers.

At first I thought the front squat weight was too heavy- and I did have to struggle to keep my form on them, but I think it worked out ok. As Daniel pointed out, it was only 9 total reps, so having to struggle for them was not a bad thing.

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