Wednesday, March 31, 2010 by Daniel

3 hours in the gym

Another marathon Wednesday in which I did not manage my time well

Warmup workout:
20 double-unders
10 KB swings (1.5P)
20 double-unders
9 KB swings
20 double-unders
1 KB swing


I was able to get about half the double-under rounds as a single set, which is gratifying. At least one skill seems to have come together. I credit the new rope.

Workout workout:
High-hang snatch x 3: 75-75-75-80-85
Squat snatch x 1: 90 - 95 - 100 (PR)
High-hang clean x 3: 95-95-100-105-110
Squat clean & jerk: 115-125-135 (PR)

Jim and I have started doing triplets from the high hang on both the snatch and the clean. I'm REALLY liking these. They put all the focus on the final pull and the dive, which I find to be the hardest part. I've noticed that they present a temptation that must be avoided: using hip thrust to send the bar out in front of me and then diving under to catch it. I have to work hard to focus on pulling the bar UP with high elbows and not OUT.

Another side effect seems to be that it has introduced a jump forward in my snatch. Here's a video of me doing a full squat-snatch at 100#, something I never could have done 10 weeks ago. The video reveals a lot of problem, but the biggest one I see is the forward bar path and jumping WAY forward to catch it. Must fix that!

The cleans were OK - my back is still a bit sore and complained about the heavy weight, but I did at least GET a 135# squat clean, which (combined with the 95# snatch) was my goal for this cycle. My back was rounded all to hell on the recovery, though, so I'm not really counting it until I can get it prettier.

Finished up with some muscle-up practice, which was a miserable failure, and some stretching.

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