Saturday, January 2, 2010 by Daniel

A new year, resolved

I've let this blog slide terribly in the last few months, and I think my progress has suffered somewhat as a result. October, with it's big zone experiment, was astonishingly successful. PRs all over the place. But November had the Philippines and December had the holidays, and it all fell to pieces.

So, looking forward. Rebecca and I are starting off the New Year with an Olympic lifting cycle, where we are dedicating Mondays and Wednesdays to finally figuring out those three devilishly difficult movements. A big part of that will be continuing to work on fixing our squat, which is primarily hampered by inflexibility in the hamstrings and adductors. We will also hopefully be joined by our friend Jim.

In regular CFEB land, Max has his eyes on the CrossFit Games sectionals in March, and will be programming a lot of short, heavy metcons in preparation for that. Today was one such workout:

12 - 9 - 6
Deadlift 315 (sc 255)
Push-jerk 165 (sc 115)

9:38 sc

Did all my deadlifts unbroken, which felt difficult but pretty awesome once I realized I could. The jerks were broken in two sets per round, and felt very broken in form. I wish I could get lower under the bar.

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