Monday, November 16, 2009 by Rebecca

Vacation Workout #1 - Row 5k

So today Daniel and I had a few minutes to head to the gym after our tour of Manila.  The hotel gym is pretty standard - a few ellipticals, a few treadmills, etc.  The DID have to C2 rowers, though, so while Daniel opted to do 'pushup Nicole', I opted to row 5 k.  I didn't want to do anything so strange the gym personnel would feel they needed to speak to me about it.

Time: 23:36 - Big PR - by about 2.5 minutes, although, to be fair, I've only rowed 5k one other time.  My time at the 2k mark was nothing to write home about: 9:25.  But I managed to keep my pace at about 2:20 throughout at about 24-25 strokes/min - kicking it up to 2:17-2:20 at 27-29 strokes/minute for the last 500m.  It took several minutes for me to feel like moving after i was done.  I felt a little bad about sweating all over the very tidy gym.


Anonymous said...

NICE 5k!!! That's a really decent time. If you want to see how your 2k time is progressing, you could try experimenting with a couple of weeks spent either interspersing interval sprints and longer rowing pieces (to keep the feel for your stroke) or just sprinting post-WODs, THEN try your 2k on a day you're feeling rested. Who knows, you might be in for a surprise. In any case, be proud of your rowing. ~ Andrea

Rebecca said...

Thanks! I didn't really expect my 2k time to be anything great since I was trying to keep to a steady, sustainable pace. I noticed that 1:20 was pretty sustainable where 1:18 or 1:19 caused me to crash after a few strokes resulting in a 'recovery' pace of high 1:20's for several strokes.

Unfortunately, I seem to have done something unfortunate to my right leg in the process. I keep getting these sharp, almost electrical, twinges in the front of my right thigh - about 6 inches above my knee. No fun.

Anonymous said...

Ouch... that is no good - I'm hesitant to make suggestions since I'm not a MD/PT/science-lady and I know that's your weak side, but I can say that it's definitely possible to tweak your big muscles while rowing, particularly once you're fatigued (I have tweaked my dominant IT band on a number of occasions). I hope you feel better.

Re the 2k - I recall you saying at the gym awhile ago that your 2k time was hovering around 9 minutes (?) ... my suggestions were in case you want to take a crack at that, all out, again. Once you're feeling better, of course. Have a great rest of the vacation! ~Andrea

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