Friday, October 2, 2009 by Rebecca

Short vs. tall

Athletes will line up by height in two separate groups, male and female. Tallest athletes from each gender group will form one team, shortest athletes from each gender group will form the other team.

For time:

In two teams:

10K of running per team
300 GI Janes per team
300 95/65 ground-to-overhead per team
300 95/65 squat cleans per team
300 push-ups per team
300 Wall-Ball 20/14 per team

As Daniel said - our team actually came in really close on the heels of the short team. We had a couple really great athletes on our team, but team shorty had the majority of CFEB all-stars - Polly, Robin, Hodges, James Chiu, Elaine, and Alex, and we had two people on our team - myself and a new guy who didn't have time to be taught them - who could not do either of the barbell exercises. I think our team did an outstanding job. I got to do some pushups - 40 or 50 and 45 reps with the 10# wall ball which counted for 30 reps - but that was about it. I did a lot of score keeping.

Food Log:
3b lunch: 3 oz chicken(3p) yams & broccoli(3c) gravy & slivered almonds (3f)
1b snack: coffee w/ 1 cup milk(1b) - i had this about 45 min after my lunch and it made me unbelieveably jittery. that hasn't happened in a long time.
2b snack: 1/2c cottage cheese(2p), 4 dried apricots(2c), slivered almonds(2f)
3b dinner + 2b milk: Chicken sausage with Broccoli and Garbanzo beans (14.4 oz)

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