Saturday, June 13, 2009 by Rebecca

1 RM part 2 - fail.

Today was supposed to be our day to test our 1RM for deadlifts and presses. Doing this the day after Murph was apparently a dumb idea.

I was sore when i woke up. Tired too. I did my best to do a good warmup and try to get things moving and loose. Ran 800m, 30 situps, 15-20 OHS dowel squats, a little stretching, ME.

Warmed up 10 x 45#. wow those adductors are kinda tired.
5 x 95# - hmm rep 4 & 5 were kinda tough.
3 x 115# - not too bad.
1 x 145# (a little plate math fail) - couldn't break it off the ground
1 x 135# got it. BARELY. it felt like a 1 RM attempt. my 5rm weight.

1 RM testing is a bad idea today. skipping it.

The muscles that feel the most worked-over from Murph are my my lats and my adductors, which isn't that surprising. My lats have not gotten a lot of work lately - particularly not from pull-ups, and 300 squats are just going to hurt, no matter what. Still, I'm a little surprised that Murph took so much out of me and knocked my performance capability down so far. The Sunday afternoon workouts we've been doing have often taken as long, and felt pretty volume intensive ... of course we've also been taking 2 rest days after these long slog workouts - so maybe it's not so strange.

Oh well. I'll try again next week.

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