Sunday, May 10, 2009 by Daniel

Strength Cycle Week 8, part 2

Deadlift x 5: 225 - 255 - 290 (pr)
Deadlift x 21: 225 (unbroken)
Press x 5: 75 - 85 - 100 (pr)
Press x 21: 67 (17-3-1)

I'm quite pleased with this. Despite not having even attempted this portion of the strength routine for three weeks, there wasn't really any backsliding - two PR's, in fact! And the 225x21 is a real mental benchmark for me - it was not terribly long ago that 225 for reps was seriously difficult. The only downside is the big set of presses - last time I failed on rep 20, so this was a little worse. But three out of four ain't bad, so I'm happy.

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Anonymous said...

Wow... nice work on the strength lately, especially the DL. 5 x 290 is freaking awesome!!

See you guys soon :)


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