Friday, May 8, 2009 by Rebecca

Squat Snatches

Warmup: run 800m, max rep pushup (29), max rep pullup (1), burgener warmup w/ dowel.

Squat Snatch

Apparently my new birth control prescription was screwing with my hormonal balance; I was feeling extremely emotional. I spent most of the workout trying not to cry - and having no idea what the hell i was so sad about.

I tried to do my best at this workout regardless, and I got a new power snatch PR. The rule was that - ideally, you'd get the bar overhead by doing a true squat snatch, but if that was unachievable, then you had to get the bar overhead however you could, and then OHS squat it.

I was able to snatch and squat 40# ok, and I could snatch 45# ok, but I could not squat 45#. I tried 3 or 4 times, and unceremoniously dumped the bar every time - without the alumalite I couldn't use bumpers, and I was afraid I was going to damage the equipment - there's no way to slow the momentum of the bar after a OHS failure at the bottom of the squat - (and I was tired and the last person working out), so I stopped.

I was super frustrated (see note re: hormones above), but I had to remind myself, that even earlier that day I was sure I couldn't snatch the empty oly bar, which I discovered that I could - so that was a big improvement and a big PR. The 45# OHS will come soon, i think.

Also - my max rep pushups was an increase of 4 over my previous record - and I think I probably had a couple more left, but mostly I was just focused on getting more than last time.

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