Sunday, May 24, 2009 by Rebecca

Increased Capacity

The past couple weeks I have been participating in the Team CFEB training regimen - primarily as an exercise in solidarity, and to see what I am capable of. Gita has said that the goal is to increase capacity and conditioning, and I don't know about the other athletes, but I have DEFINITELY seen a significant increase in both.

Yesterday was an absolutely banner day. Hopefully without revealing too many details ... I managed to get 25 Russian swings with the 1.5P KB - a KB 8lbs heavier than the heaviest KB I've ever swung before, and 16# heavier than the one I usually swing. The team I was on actually won the team WOD.

But by far and away the most impressive accomplishment of the day was in the running. I ran every step of nearly 4 miles of running - 3 of them on rough, hilly terrain. It was not that long ago when it was a major accomplishment just to run one complete mile of flat road. And not only did I run every step, but the running felt strong - it felt good, even. We ran in the same location last week, and I had had to walk some of the route the second time through. This week, I ran all three laps. I forgot to put my watch on so I didn't get the times for this week's runs, but I am pretty sure they were faster than last week's. For a lot of the running I was right on Ynez's heels. I think it freaked her out a bit to have me so close, but it was great inspiration to me to keep going.

I'm excited to keep working with Team CFEB and see how much farther I progress.


Jenn said...

Fantastic, Rebecca! That's a huge improvement on your running - keep it up! Sounds like you're ready for a 5K race. ;)

Maximus Lewin said...

I have also realized a huge increase in capacity, while also being as strong as I have ever been. Yep, it's working.

Ev said...

Awesome, Bekka. Good work!!!

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