Thursday, April 16, 2009 by Rebecca

Wrecked. Just a little.

11:10 - 7:10 ... i meant to get up at 6:45 so i could get to work early to leave early - but the alarm didn't penetrate the fog until 7:10. I guess my body was determined to get a full 8 hours. And I was only 15 minutes later to work than I intended.

Warm up:
500m row, ME, hip extensions, shoulder dislocates, good morning squats, various stretches for hammies, quads and adductors.

Warmup: 10 x 45#
55-65-75 - f rep 5
21 x 60# (11, 7, 3) fail

Warm up: 10 x 45#
50-60-72 (f rep 3) new 2rm PR? Definitely new 1rm :p
21 x 55# (10,6,5) fail

Wow. Today just really did not go well. I think last weeks bad diet and bad sleep must have really done a number on me. I really struggled to do even half so well as I did the last time I did this 2 weeks ago.

I don't know why I feel so beat up - i JUST had a 50% week. But I really feel in need of another one. I've been pretty sore off and on since ... I dunno maybe last wednesday - definitely since Friday. Today my Trapeziuses are SORE - dunno whether it was the jerks or the cleans - probaly both, but I actually had a woman come up to me in the locker room today and ask me if I had an injury to my left shoulder because it wasn't moving when I walked.

And then there was today's performance - or lack thereof. I tried really hard to get thoroughly warmed up, by shoulders just wouldn't lossen up, and my hamstrings are just perpetually tight.

Daniel got video of my back squats - I might get around to posting it later - but essentially, I have the same damn problem with them that I have with my deadlifts - my hips rise faster than my torso putting me at a mechanical disadvantage. I'm not sure whether the weak link is my hamstrings or my core - probably a combination - but the first squats in a set are generally ok, and as I get more and more tired, I have a harder and harder time keeping my torso up when I try to get out of the hole.

I got 8 hours of sleep last night, and ate all the food I was supposed to today and yesterday ... but I guess the cumulative effect of several sleepless nights and early mornings was more than a day and a half of sleeping and eating could make up for. Well - i had a HUGE amount of food today, and I am heading to bed now to get as much sleep as I can. Rest little body! Get strong!

7:40 - 3 egg cheesy scramble, 2 slices turkey bacon. coffee w/ milk.
11:30 - 1.5 oz spicy cashews, 1 piece homemade turkey jerky - NOM.
12:45 - cottage cheese, etc.
1:30 - 1oz spicy cashews
3:30 - 1 serving green curry - tofu, asparagus, peas, spinach, cashews, etc.
6:45 - 1/2 piece homemade jerkey
7:30 - HUGE plate of roasted chicken w/ gravy, sauteed broccoli with slivered almonds, and spinach salad with walnuts, cranberries and feta. It was so huge that Daniel - who can hoover away a LOT - turned to me when he was about half way through and said" This is a lot of food" - in that dismayed "how am I going to eat all of this" sort of way (our plates each had about the same amount of food on them.). I can't believe I managed to eat the whole damn thing but by the end of Dollhouse, it had dissapeared.
9:15 - multiv, 2 glucosamine, 4 omega-3 (finally remembered!)

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