Sunday, April 12, 2009 by Rebecca

Strength stuff - it's definitely starting to get hard.

3:30am - 9:45 am great. big. ouch. stupid work project.

Warmup: easy 500m rowing, hip openers, pushups, situps, squats.

Warmup 10x45#, 5 x95#

115-130-140(f rep 5)

21 x 100# (f rep 18) - 1 LESS rep than last week.

warmup: 10 x 20

35-45-55 (f rep 4)
1 less rep than last week. since i have failed at this weight for several weeks, next week i should either switch to 3 x 5 or, change my target to 52#.

21 x 32#
Never had to put the bar down, but i did have to rack in on my shoulders a couple times. MUCH better than last week. Not sure whether to do this weight again next week until it's more like actually consecutive, or to up the weight since i "Technically" made it through. I'm sort of leaning towards option A, though Daniel suggested option B. I have to ruminate.

I find the videos tremendously helpful. I can very clearly see why I ran out of deadlifts. I was lifting with my back, not my legs, and my back just decided it had had enough abuse. It's tricky, because i manage to lift with my back while keeping it fairly straight, so Daniel did not catch the form error, but looking at the video, it is very clear where the "power" is coming from, and it ain't my legs. I need to focus on keeping my torso more upright, and really solidifying that lower back arch. I am pretty sure that the culprits are my tight, weak hamstrings. I need to do a better job of stretching them out prior to these lifts. Open hips won't help much if my hamstrings are too tight to utilize the ROM.

My presses definitely got better after I got to watch the video of the first set to see what I was doing wrong.

We attended this week's FireBreathers class - where daniel did some good work on his cleans - i stalled out at 60# and realized that I have a huge amount of form work to do before I have a prayer of these getting any heavier. The ones that I got at 60# were just all wrong, form wise. I was also really tired, so I just sat and watched and videoed other people for most of the class.

Breakfast - cheesy scramble, turkey bacon, and coffee with milk
PWO - a little homemade jerkey, and 16 oz milk - minus about 2 ounces I spilled on myself :-p graceful.
Lunch - andronicos salami and cheddar sandwich on a wheat roll w/ homemade ice tea
Snack - about half of a ginormous (delicious!) grapefruit, and some home-made Jerkey
Dinner: 2 bbq chicken legs and a yam and salad with milk

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Jay Ashman said...

good workout, and I am getting hungry reading what you ate.... again. :)

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