Saturday, April 18, 2009 by Rebecca


I'm a little behind on posting - that seems to happen a lot over the weekend - so just the workout:

Warmup: Run 800m, 1 round CFWU, a lot of snatch form practice - really tried to work the 2nd pull mechanics - they're essentially the same as the clean, so it's very useful to try to get it down just right.


I don't actually know how many sets I did.

I started off @ 25# and worked slowly up to 35 and then back down to 30. I only got 1 set @ 35, and they were at least half-way just presses, so I went back down to 30 totry to fix the form.

I do not have the shoulder flexibility, not the bravery, or coordination to be able to successfully drop under the bar, so all of my snatches were muscle snatches.

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