Monday, March 9, 2009 by Rebecca

Mostly Rest day - of the unwilling kind.

I did not manage to get all my homework done over the weekend, and it was due today, so I had to come home to finish it instead of climbing. In order to facilitate transportation for both me and daniel, I drove my bike down to work, daniel rode his bike down to the gym, I gave him the car, and rode my bike home. It was all the exercise I got today, but it was (embarrassingly) plenty.

Riding my bike home is always humbling. No matter the strength gains and the improved metcon conditioning, I am ALWAYS done in by riding my bike home; it's not that far, and it's really not that steep. It's a heavy, old fashioned 3-speed schwinn cruiser, and it's possible that the seat on my bike is at the wrong height. It's definitely the wrong geometry - it's one of those huge "comfort" seats - but it hits me in exactly all the wrong places, and is anything but comfortable. I should get it replaced, but a) I don't actually ride my bike that often and b) my bike would look pretty funny with a modern seat. But, whatever the reason, I am always toast by the time I make it all the way up the hill from work (or the gym) to home. And even with the bad seat and the heavy bike, I'd think it would get relatively easier the relatively more fit I am. (it's definitely easier to get it into the car!)

Ah well. I really should ride my bike more often. Now that it stays light later, I will endeavor to do so.

11:30-7:45 - woke up once on my own, twice by the cats.

Food: (not a good remembering to eat day)
12:05 12oz coffee w/3/4 cup milk
4:00 cottage cheese w/ almonds & cinnamon
5:30 1.5 oz spiced cashews
6:30 16oz milk
9:40 1 bowl Ma po tofu with ground turkey and tofu - served over 3/4 cup broccolini, 16oz milk
11:00 2 zma

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Ynez Arce said...

Last night before he left Daniel said, "I have to go home and fix dinner for my wife. She's waiting on me for food." That's awesome.

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