Monday, March 23, 2009 by Rebecca

I am becoming Super Woman! (at least a little)

1:30 - 8:15 no more afternoon coffee. Damn cats got really restless at about 7. Fortunately Felix's wound is finally looking just about healed. Hopefully only another day or two of the cone. We will ALL be grateful.

WOD - Strength Week 3 Part 2
Warmup - ME and hip openers

10 x 45#

95 -120-130(PR)
(meant to start with 100 - just forgot the 2.5 # plates until rep 3 - decided to skip it)

21 x 100# - failed after rep 18. Could not keep form good enough to progress without possible injury to my back. Same weight next week. I've decided music is great for the 5 rep sets - but I don't like it for the 21 rep sets.

Shoulder Press:
10 x 15#


21 x 30# - Next week 32 or 35

Pretty pleased with how this went, overall. 130# was essentially my 1 rep max not all that long ago. It's pretty exciting to be able to complete a 5 rep set at that weight. And last week I was close to but absolutely failed 5 reps of 50 presses. Today it was pretty easy. I am confident that next week I will be able do 55.

WOD 2 - Climbing:
I didn't have a lot of time for climbing once I finished my strength stuff, but I did manage to get in a couple climbs.

I warmed up on a friendly 10a/b on the back wall. Climbed it clean. Although I must have clocked my right knee at some point because after I belayed my partner up the same climb, when I went to walk away, I could barely bend it. It was like a weird delayed funny bone reaction. Very bizarre, because it didn't hurt immediately. I massaged it for a few minutes and it felt better - though still not quite "right".

My second climb was a 10a across from the cave. It had more overhang/negative incline than the first climb. It wasn't entirely clean, but it was pretty close (after I started over after falling completely off at the very beginning of the route). My knee behaved itself.

My third climb was barely even half a climb - it was a strengthy 10b to the right of the 10a I did. There was a dyno/strength move just after the start that I really struggled with, but was finally able to accomplish once I convinced my right foot that it really did want to bear my weight, and decided that I wasn't going to clock my knee again on those really large holds hanging out by my knees ... Sadly, I was not able to make it up much farther once I reached my goal, but I was pretty happy to have made that move. Daniel was impressed. He said he had thought that I didn't have the strength yet to haul myself up and lock off long enough to reach the next hold. Yay for being stronger!

9:00 - 6oz black coffee
1:15 - cottage cheese, etc.
5:20 - 2 oz spiced cashews
9:15 - 16oz milk & 1.5 bowls of north african chicken stew. Hooray for the crockpot having dinner all ready to go when we get home!! :-D
9:45 - 1 multiv, 2 glucosamine, 4 omega-3
11:15 - 2 zma


Kate said...

Oh god, we are dealing with a "coned" animal as well. Isn't that a pain! Our dog (boxer) has to wear it every Spring, poor guy. I get so sick of being stabbed with it when I walk down the hallway:)haha.

Jenn said...

Woo-hoo! PRs all over the place here!

Glad to hear Felix is getting better - hopefully that will be followed my more (and better) sleep for you.

Ynez Arce said...

Big YAHOO!! to being stronger... My little muscle bunny...

Maximus Lewin said...

You should try 2 pound jumps in the shoulder press.

Rebecca said...

Kate, You have to deal with this every spring? For how long? Does your dog have allergies? Felix doesn't quite get that with the cone on he is wider than he thinks he is, so he is constantly knocking stuff over and trying to get through openings that aren't quite wide enough. It's really funny except when it's really aggravating - like when he nearly knocks my coffee all over my desk :-p.

Max - that is what I intend to do once my progress stalls out on the 5 pound jumps for both the bench press and the shoulder press. I might already be at that place on the bench. I'm pretty confident that I will be able to manage 55# next week on the shoulder press.

Kate said...

haha:) Yes, for the past 2 years we've had to basically dope him up on benedryl and melatonin throughout spring time. Poor guy, but he's a pretty good sport about it. Last year he lost almost all of his hair on one side and we ended up getting all of these tests done to see what the problem was... found out it's ALLERGIES! Like we didn't already know that. He wouldn't have to wear the cone except that he licks himself raw in spots (like his feet).

They are so funny in the cone, though. He's gotten pretty adept at doing most things, but last night he was trying to chew a bone with it on... it's was pitiful, but I was cracking up!

Ev said...

You are superwoman. You are becoming ever-more-superwoman.

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