Thursday, March 26, 2009 by Rebecca

Forward Rolls!

Sleep: Fail
1:00 - 8:00 Super restless night. had a very hard time falling and staying asleep until 2 or 3, and for once it wasn't the cats' fault.

Warmup: ME, Hip openers, lugging Ev's 1.5 pood KB down stairs. That was awkward and heavy.

Warmup: 10 x 45#

21 x 55 made it, but it was ugly. I have some serious form work I need to do, so I think I will keep this weight next week.

Warmup: 10 x 45#

55-60-70 - failed after rep 4 - still one more rep than I accomplished last week.

21 x 52# - made it. barely. and not without whimpering.

Cash out:
Forward roll practice. I finally got this! I got a lot of them! I even managed to get enough momentum that most of the time I could stand up at the end without using my hands. It was very cool. Apparently the trick to conquering the dizziness was keeping my eyes open. Not even really focusing on anything in particular, but just being able to see made the dizziness entirely manageable. Thanks for the idea Ynez!!!! I did great as long as I was focusing on only doing a somersault. As soon as I tried to think about getting any hang time before rolling, I got everything all wrong, and ended up in a tangle of arms and legs on the mat. Hooray for the cushy blue mats @ iron works though.

Also - while I was waiting for Daniel to get out of the dressing room, I successfully did a pulldown of 120# - twice! - I've never been able to pull down that weight before. 110# was my max. Soon soon soon I will have a deadhang pullup. (I weight about 125)

I was not at all sore today from Karen yesterday. I was, however, fatigued, and squats were a lot harder this week than they were last week. There's a good chance that I will be sore tomorrow. I did not have post work-out milk, and I did a lot of stuff that was new for me.

I'm pretty excitied about my backsquat PR - 70 pounds was absolutely doable. I don't think there's any reason I won't get 75 next week. However, Daniel said I am holding the bar in a haigh bar position, but squating a low bar squat, so I definitely have some form work. Something else I need to work on is keeping my shoulder girdle tight all the way down. THis leaves the bar sitting on the vertebra of my neck instead of the meaty musles that should be supporting it, and that hurts - and will only get worse as the bar gets heavier. Right now that spot is very sore.

I think my adductors and hamstrings are too tight to let me use a wide enough stance for a proper high bar squat. I need to work on getting those lossened up ... though we spent so long on our handstand/forward roll practice that I didn't get a chance to do any post workout stretching.

The bench also just didn't feel super solid today. I did reasonably well with it, but it was a struggle.

Anyway, I am determined to get a full night's sleep tonight, so I am off to bed.

8:45 - 3 egg cheesy scramble, 12 oz coffee 2/3 cup milk
9:00 - 1 multiv, 2 glucosamine, 4 0mega-3
3:30 - 1/2 or maybe a little less a serving of North African stew. not quite as much left as I thought. Was still hungry.
5:50 - finished off the last of my spiced cashews. 1.5 oz?
9:10 - SUPER gordos carnitas burrito, 16 oz milk. Finally feel full... and then soome. Urgh.
11:00 - 2 zma

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