Saturday, February 28, 2009 by Rebecca

You ain't got squat

Warmup: ME, run 800m, hip openers, medicine ball drills

For time:

100 jump squats every 8 minutes on the 8th minute for 24 minutes.

< 5:00, 5:21, 5:51, 6:46

I did jumping squats for the first 20 squats of each round, and then switched to regular squats for the remaining 80. In the last round i discovered "hopping squats" - which wasn't quite jumping, but it was standing up powerfully enough to get my heels an inch or two off the ground. I found myself doing them without even consciously thinking about it, so i don't even know when i started doing them that way.

In the first round I got to about 15 jumping squats in the first set, and then had to do them in sets of 1 after that up to 20. the second round was 9 or 10 consecutive, the 3rd and 4th round were 2 or 3 consecutive, with singles after that up to 20.

for the last 80 of each round I tried to do sets of 10, with minimal shaking out as necessary mid 'set' and then once i hit an even 10, i could take a slightly longer break - walking around a bit as necessary to shake out my legs enough to do the next set. I was able to do this pretty consistently through abou rep 70 for all rounds, and after that, rests started getting longer.

Ultimately, this workout went much better than i thought it would. I wasn't even sure, before it started, given the brutal difficulty of the workout a couple weeks ago with the high volume of squats, whether I would be able to complete the whole thing, but while my legs WERE complete jello when i was finished, I was not a complete wreck when i was done, either.

12:10 - 8:45. Got up once around 4:15, and was in and out of sleep after 7:45 or so - but I was determined to try to get at least a full 8 hours of sleep. The cats were blessedly well behaved.

10am - 4oz black coffee.
1:30 - Bacheesos smorgasbord - meatloaf in large quantites, salad in small quantities, some eggs with cheese and spinach, some chicken sausae a bite of turkey, 2 cups of coffee with half n'half
5:00 - .5 oz spiced cashews, 8oz coffee 2/3 cup 2% milk. 1 multiv, 4 omega-3, 2 glucosamine
8:30 - 1 large steamed artichoke, 1 cup roasted cauliflower & brocoli, 1 veggie sausage. 16 oz milk
9:15 - 3 oz beer
9:45 - 2 omega-3
12:00am 2 zma

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Jenn said...

That's a brutal-looking WOD. I can only imagine the DOMS I'd get from that. :p

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