Friday, February 20, 2009 by Rebecca

Lifting weight/ improving mood

Warmup: 20 pushups, 5 hopping pushups, 15 parallette dips, 5 kip attempts

Floor Press 5x5

(5) 5-5-5-5-5
(45) 65(f r5)-60-65-65-70(f r3)

This was a strange night of lifting. The warmup at 45# felt heavy. I failed 65# on the 5th rep. I went down to 60 - it was hard but doable. I went back up to 65 - it was hard but doable. I stayed at 65, it was EASY, i moved up to 70, i got it up solidly with good form twice and couldn't budge it on rep 3.

But the main thiong is that i was in a FOUL mood before the workout (it was a particularly stressful and irritating day at work), and I was in a much better mood afterwards, so I will say the night was a success.

11:50 - 8:02 only woke up every 2 hours. Had to get up around 5:30 to herd annoying uninjured cat outside while keeping injured can inside. Headache on waking up. Third time since monday.

8:30 Multivitamin, 2 glucosamine, 1 magnesim/zinc, 4 fishoil capsules
9:30 Coffee w/.75 cup 2% milk
10:30 .75 cup cottage chese, 1.5 oz slivered almonds, 1tsp cinnamon
11:45 2 oz spiced cashews
1:30 1/2 a chicken patty sandwich on multi-grain bread w/ lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, mayo mustard (this was billed as a chicken breast sandwich but it was a gross processed patty - i couldn't eat the other half - no idea what was in that thing)
4:30 2 oz spiced cashwes
8:00 1 fried imperial roll, 1 bowl yellow chicken curry with carrots and potatoes and okra, .5 cup cooked brown rice, 12oz iced green tea
12:15 2 Magnesium/calcium/zinc tablets

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