Friday, December 5, 2008 by Rebecca

Climbing Thurs & CF Strength WOD Friday

Oo ... I'm behind. ... Haven't posted since Wednesday?! ... Oops. So lesse ...

Thursday: Climbing @ GWPC:

5.8(f++), 5.9(c), 5.9(c)

Didn't get in many climbs, and I was feeling tired, so after the first - much pumpier than expected new 5.8 that was a complete and total hang-dog fest - I stuck to climbs I knew I could do, and just tried to focus on form. Not much to tell about these, actually. Probably why I never got around to posting them.

Friday: CrossFit @ GWPC

Warm up: ME, 800m, 10 "hopping" pushups (progression towards clapping pushups), 10 BS w/empty oly bar.

Back Squat 3-3-3
Press 3-3-3

BS: 65-85/75(f)-75
Press: 45-50-55(PR!)

I started with 65 pounds on the BS because I had had so much trouble with that weight with the front squats on Wednesday, but it felt easy, so I tried to jump up to 85, but failed after 1 rep, switched to 75 and failed after 2 reps. I made it through the third set without failing, but Max told me, after I was done (>:p) that none of my reps were quite low enough. I knew my third one wasn't, but I had thought my first two were. That's why I'm not counting any of these as a PR. They would have been .

A big problem I kept having on Wednesday was going down so low that my hamstrings disengaged leaving me unable to stand back up, and I was paranoid of that happening again. Oh well.

More excitingly, I managed to press 55#! It nearly didn't happen, and it wasn't pretty, but i DID IT!

I decided to start with 45# because that was the most I'd ever tried before - just to see if I could - and when i tried it in this workout, it felt pretty easy. So for the next set I went up to 50, and it still felt like there was room for more, so I went up to 55 for round 3, and that last rep was SLOW, but I got it locked out :-D Many thanks to the other girls who cheered me on.

When I told Max that I'd managed to press a full 55 pounds he said, "That's SO much better than the none you were able to do before." And we joked a bit about how he had wondered, initially, whether he might need to find a lighter dowel for me. LOL! He's totally right. It's a LOT better than none. :-D

I love how much stronger I am getting. Love it! And it was really nice, after a sort of frustrating couple days, and a frustrating beginning to that day's workout, to have a solid accomplishment under my belt.

After the workout a few of us went out for dinner at Crepevine which was a lot of fun, and a good way to spend a Friday evening.

Saturday: Next post!

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