Thursday, December 4, 2008 by Daniel

Climbing at GWPC

Class today was weighted pullups, and since A) Rebecca can't do a pullup at all , B) I'm getting my full of pullups with my daily program, and C) we won't be able to go to Social Climbing on Monday due to an office Christmas party, we opted to go climbing instead.

10a(o), 10c(o), 11a(dnf)

The 10a was extremely easy. The 10c was pretty much fine - a long vertical with decent rests to a tricky bit of negative. The 11a was a short, semi-slabby, EXTREMELY technical and delicate bit of climbing that was well over my head. Every move felt like a crux, and I spent a LONG time in the harness attacking each move until I figured it out. I got to just a couple holds shy of the top, but my fingers were feeling like they were about to fall off, and I was feeling bad for making Rebecca wait so long, so I came down after reaching a move that I just couldn't fathom.

I wonder when I'm going to evolve the little spiny hairs that Spiderman and, apparently, 11+ climbers have to stick to the slopers and tiny little finger-width holds that make up these routes.

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