Saturday, November 15, 2008 by Rebecca

Quantum of Solace

Holy cow this movie TOTALLY ROCKED.

The action sequences are off-the-hook intense, and there are plenty of them. THe opening of the movie might be one of the most incredible, intense car chases I've ever seen. Daniel Craig is awesome and implacable - a lean mean James Bond machine. He has so much more depth than any Bond before him. I would go back and see this movie again in a second. Maybe I'd get a better audience.

I was extremely disappointed with my fellow audience members, tonight. The main reason I like to see movies in movie theatres is for the experience of going on a journey WITH a group of people - this crowd was not an interactive crowd - no cheering, no clapping, no hissing - nada. I've found that sometimes if I start applause or a cheer it will inspire the audience to respond - there are often at least a few people who just need 'permission' to get involved. This audience was not interested. Usually Oakland audiences are more generous. Honestly - if you're not there for the 'crowded theatre' experience, i don't know why you wouldn't just wait for the damn movie to come out on DVD and watch it at home. *harumpf*

But the movie (except for the opening theme which I really didn't care for) was excellent. If you like Bond films or action films, at all, you will thoroughly enjoy this thrill ride.

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Jenn said...

I liked the movie, but not as much as Casino Royale. I love Daniel Craig's Bond, and the action was kick-a$$ as always, but I had a little trouble with the story. I never really figured out the villain's world domination scheme, other than it had something to do with water in Bolivia. :p And I totally missed the place where SPECTRE = QUANTUM?

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