Sunday, November 23, 2008 by Daniel

And Thus Endeth Skill Week

Max promised us a combination of all the skills we focused on this week as the culmination workout, and it proved to be a nice mid-size metcon:

For Time:
7 Rounds

Run 100 Meters
5 Kettlebell Swing 2P/1.5P
10 Push-Up
15 Kettlebell Clean 1.0P/.75P
20 Double-Under

30:35 RX

Splits: 3:15 | 3:53 | 4:49 | 3:53 | 4:38 | 6:04 | 4:03

Not sure what happened in round 6. I don't remember it as taking particularly long. The killer (for me) on this one was the double-unders. Since I can usually only do them two or three at a time, it takes forever for me to get through twenty. I'm seriously considering buying one of those Byers-recommended speed ropes, though I have no idea when or how I'd practice. But like the kipping pullup, a solid double-under is really critical to those workouts that call for it.

The 2-pood swings were not as bad as I feared, and the pushups, cleans and runs were fairly utilitarian. Took a few too many rests, but overall I'm just happy that I did a double-under workout RX'd.

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Evelyn Rodas said...

Nice! Those were some really heavy swings and good work on the double-unders. Strong work!!!

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