Monday, October 6, 2008 by Daniel


Man, do I feel beat up. This is not unusual on Mondays, but with the addition of ankle and shoulder injuries, today feels a little worse than normal. I'm very grateful that I get to rest until Wednesday evening now - my body needs it. My abs and back are quite sore from Michael yesterday, which makes just moving around a challenge today.

* 17 hour fast *

Climbing @ IW: 10a(o), 10a(o), 10b(f), 10b(f+)
Sprint-8 on the rower: 2,880m

The climbing was a little better than Friday, but I still don't feel up to more than a 10b at this point - it just requires too much pressure on my foot at odd angles. Today was very tiring - every climb I did had a roof and/or negative incline the whole way up, so it was a lot of pulling. Good for the foot, bad for the shoulder. The times I fell on the b's were just muscle exhaustion - I was always able to get the move after a few seconds' rest. The second 10a starts out with a roof that is WAY off plumb, so although the holds are big, solid jugs, it's a pretty adrenaline-loaded start, considering the Tarzan-like consequences of a fall.

Sprint-8 was sprint-8. Sprints on the rower make my ass hurt.

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