Monday, September 29, 2008 by Daniel

Back to Burpees?

*16 hour fast*

One-footed climbing at IW: 9(o), 9(o), 10a(f), 9(f), 9(o)
100 Burpees, sets of 10

One-footed climbing is pretty hard. The first climb I did was actually technically the hardest, because I left my shoe OFF my left foot, and the climb was slab on the back wall so didn't have much in the way of jugs. Try doing pullups on a pair of underclings. It's hard. After that I discovered that the inverted/roofy routes were better, as they would often have giant buckets from which to hop up the wall, and it's good to have the shoe on, even loosely, on the left foot to do little limp-maneuvers while getting the right foot up. It's weird intentionally violating one of the most fundamental rules of climbing: to use your feet. But it's a good workout - lots of big dynamic moves, and pretty pumpy. My ankle is actually feeling pretty good lately, so I think next time (Friday) I might be able to climb more regularly.

I tried simply hanging off the biggest hold on the campus board and failed. Something to work on.

So, burpees. Yeah. I was able to do 100, in good ol' sets of 10 with long rests. I weighted both feet, but kept most of my weight on the right foot on the landings. Am I back in? I dunno. My deficit currently stands at 471, with 21 days left in the challenge. Even if I did 100/day for the rest of the time, I wouldn't catch up, so it'd require some devoted effort to make it up. Not sure how I feel about it, to be honest.


Melissa Byers said...

I figured out (duh) I could make the blog "invite only"! Hit the CrossFit Boards and PM me your email address(es) so I can throw you back on the list, if you are interested. Yay burpees!

Evelyn Rodas said...

omg, kudos to you for doing one footed climbing. As for burpees. It is getting to be daunting. You could finish after the deadline, I suppose. It's not like anybody is holding you to it, other than you.
What's the objective? I try to remember that, as I have major overkill tendencies (and redundancy tendencies).

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