Sunday, August 10, 2008 by Daniel

OK, feeling better now

We went to GWPC to help Max and Ev make some sandbags, and though we were too late to really be that much help, we had fun hanging out on the roof and helping a little.

Afterwards, Max was kind enough to hook us up with some gear from behind the counter (we hadn't planned on climbing and didn't bring our own), and we went up a few routes, switching off belay partners with Max & Ev. I like the routes at GWPC - technical, long, and not too pumpy. I did:

10a(o), 10b/c(o), 10d(f+)

Without all the overhang and negative incline, it almost felt like cheating to climb the routes. Definitely a good place to go when in a general climbing slump, as I currently am.

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