Friday, August 8, 2008 by Daniel

Man Overboard!

As I was staring at the pool of sweat coalescing on the floor under my head during the Supermen of round 2, a couple of thoughts were swirling in my head - inasmuch as I was capable of thinking of anything. 1) I felt embarassed for myself and somewhat sorry for Raphael, who had to follow my sweaty and towel-forgetting self from one station to the next, and 2) that this workout was just what the doctor ordered.

I felt strangely "bleah" today. Lumpish. Gross. A little queasy. Could be because I didn't get my Friday morning climbing in (Tor is still nursing his thigh). I think perhaps I overdid it on the protein yesterday, and was paying the nutritional piper today. Or it was just being stuck inside working for most of the day, and my body craves more activity. Whatever the cause, a torturous metcon was just the RX (as it were), and I felt much better afterwards. Why, I do believe I have become addicted to exercise.

2 Rounds:

  1. Row 250 Meters
  2. Push-ups
  3. Med Ball Clean 14#
  4. V-Ups
  5. Med Ball Jerk 14#
  6. Supermen
  7. Med Ball Front Squat 20#
  8. Feet Anchored STRICT Sit-Ups
  9. Jump Squats
  10. Burpees
This is a Version of "Man Overboard" from CrossFit NYC Black Box.

The rower is the 'pace car'.

The time it takes to row is the time you have to do each movement.

Upon completion of the row, the rower yells out "Man Overboard" and the coach calls "Rotate" or "Switch", everyone then moves to the next station.

There is no rest in this workout: as soon as the Coach calls "Rotate" you may start the next exercise. Total score is total reps completed. The row does not count towards points. If you are trying for the highest score, you want to row as fast as possible to prevent others from being able to complete a lot of reps. However the trade-off in metabolic capacity of going full-bore must be considered as well.

Final score: 367
round 1: 200 | round 2: 167

Pushup: 20 | 15
Med Ball Clean: 18 | 10
V-Up: 19 | 16
Med Ball Jerk: 22 | 20
Supermen: 29 | 29
Med Ball Front Squat: 28 | 25
Situp: 22 | 25
Jump Squat: 30 | 20
Burpee: 12 | 7

Not much to note here, really. I think the 30 V-Ups for Level II are closer than I had previously thought, perhaps already within my grasp. I think the extra weight from the bulking is making metcons and climbing more difficult, but the flipside is that it'll be that much easier when I take the weight off again, so I don't mind too much.

Max showed us the roof of the Power Company where he will be holding classes, when the workout calls for it. It looks very cool. Both literally and figuratively - on foggy or rainy days it'll be COLD up there. He's going to make a huge stack of sandbags to do more heavy weight work. I for one am looking forward to it. Too bad getting the GWPC during rush hour is such a pain in the ass.

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