Sunday, July 13, 2008 by Daniel

Mission Cliffs Morning

Climbing at MC:
10a(o), 10c(f), 10d(f+), 10c(o), 10c(f+)

A good morning. All routes were new, since I hadn't been there in a while, and they were all really good climbs - MC has the best walls in Touchstone, no doubt. The falls were all just one or two takes while I figured out the beta for a particular crux, and I never had to ratchet up or cheat (ok, I cheated a TINY bit on the terrifying slab of that final 10c by steadying briefly on an off-route hold). I'm feeling like c's are really my element now, and d's are where the improvement is at...I just with the d's at Ironworks weren't so focused on tiny crimpers on negative inclines. Those burn me out so fast.

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