Monday, June 23, 2008 by Daniel

Climbing and 5x5

Climbing: 9(o), 10c, 10d(f), 10c(f)

Pretty damn good, I think, considering I climbed just yesterday and I still feel pretty messed up from Saturday - my traps are cryin'. That 10c is Daniels, and I FINALLY did it totally clean! Got past the crux without any real difficulty, then nearly fell about five feet further up when my elbow accidentally hit a hold on another climb and knocked me a little off balance - it was a sketchy moment, but I managed to rescue it. Just in time, too, as I suspect that section of wall is next on the schedule for changing. The d was nearly clean, I just got greedy and moved my feet too high on the face, pushing my hips out more than my tired forearms could compensate for on their small hold. The c was slab in the back, and I suspect I could do it without much difficulty with fresher arms and chalk in my bag (it was empty). So four climbs and only two rather lame falls - I'm quite pleased with that!

Deadlift: 200
Shoulder Press: 80

The deadlifts are starting to feel really heavy...though doing them immediately after climbing is probably having some effect. My grip was failing, probably because of the climbing, so I should switch to alternate grip a bit sooner, I think. I really surprised myself by doing all 5 sets of the presses, considering how hard the 75's were a week ago. It's primarily a technique thing, I think, in that it's much better now that I know to get the weight over my ears ASAP. I'll probably start failing at 85, but for now, again, I'm quite pleased.

Good note to end the workweek on, methinks. I'm ready for my rest day tomorrow.

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